Prenatal Yoga:

Prenatal yoga is suited for both the beginning yoga student who is finding yoga for the first time while pregnant and also for experienced moms who have practiced yoga before pregnancy.

The class is designed for students of all levels of yoga practice. In prenatal yoga, we help women prepare for labor and delivery by working specific areas used in labor and delivery.
Aromatherapy is incorporated with yoga to achieve ease and soothing sensations in this 45-minute class. The tiniest yogis and their mothers practice in active and beautiful postures. Each week, exploration of poses, sounds, music, chanting, and massage take place to offer deep relaxation and harmony. Mothers take-home tools that can be utilized throughout each day for peaceful, joyous living along with knowledge of aromatherapy to share with their family.

When can I begin attending class?

Our prenatal class is open to pregnant women in their 2nd and 3rd trimesters. We recommend that women take it easy the first 12 weeks of their pregnancy and allow their body that time to become accustomed to the changes of pregnancy. Beginners are welcome; no previous yoga experience is required. If you practiced yoga before becoming pregnant, this does not mean you have to stop your practice all together but, may need to alter your practice. It is recommended that certain poses and techniques are avoided during pregnancy, and the instructor follows the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists’ recommendation for exercise while pregnant.

This class works specifically to encourage healthy union for mother and baby before birth, works to aid in a relaxing birthing experience. It is recommended that for even the most experienced yogi, not to do a regular yoga routine until the second trimester. Postures, massage, and breathing techniques are some of the areas we will touch on in this specially designed class for the mom to be. Our beloved instructor Lauren is extremely nurturing and will help you throughout the class. Prenatal Yoga is extremely important and helpful for the pregnant mom…it will help open your body for childbirth while providing relief to your sore growing body.

Bring with you: Yoga mat and wear comfortable clothes! You may also like to bring a pillow and a water bottle.

This is a gentle yoga class, and no prior yoga experience is needed. All poses can be modified to your level. If you’ve always wanted to start practicing Yoga, this is the perfect time to try. Continue your practice after the baby is born with our Mom + Me Yoga class on Monday mornings!

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