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TOT Multidisciplinary Resource Clinic


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TOT Multidisciplinary Resource Clinic

Clinic is recommended for babies, newborn to 1 year of age who have:

  • Pre and post tongue tie revision
  • TOT, tethered oral tissue                                            
  • Reflux
  • Colic
  • Gassy
  • Head preference to one side, torticollis
  • Head flattening/molding, plagiocephaly
  • Fussiness during tummy time
  • Difficulty latching, breastfeeding
  • Bottle refusing
  • Fussy traveling in a car seat
  • Latch and breastfeeding problems                                      

Clinic will provide:

  • TummyTime!™ practice and instruction
  • Suck training guidance and practice
  • Pre and post tongue tie release exercises, guidance and practice
  • Connection with other families
  • Place to Come and ask questions
  • Get support                                           
  • Hands on IBCLC, lactation support
  • Hands on CST, craniosacral therapy                     
  • Infant massage and reflexology
  • Latch and position suggestions
  • Mini hands on CST sessions
  • And much more                                                                 

The clinic is held twice monthly. Please check the calendar for date confirmation. The clinic is held from 12:00 to 2:00 pm and costs $40.00 per dyad. The clinic is staffed by Michelle Emanuel, OTR/L, CIMI, CST, NBCR, RYT200 baby bodyworker /occupational therapist with more than 18 years working with baby’s postural, developmental, neurological and social/emotional skills and is the creator/developer of TummyTime!™ method. Ashley Brown-Combs RN, IBCLC , CLC worked in the NICU for 8 years, currently practices as an RN with newborns and is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant in private practice.  Both Michelle (bodywork) and Ashley (lactation) work closely with families pre and post tongue and lip tie revision. We are offering this clinic approach to care of, suspected or diagnosed to have tongue and/or lip tie, as well as infants that need support with both latch/breastfeeding and bodywork needs.

This clinic will focus on a multidisciplinary support with an individualized approach to each family dyad. Each family will receive hands on mini-sessions with brief hands-on guidance.


 TOT is on summer vacation, new dates soon! 


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