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Return To Work & Pump Check Appointment

Product Description

Pumping Check & Return to Work 

Not sure if your breastpump is working up to par (we will test your pump), nipples sore when pumping, question about what size flanges you need, not getting much when you pump, returning to work or need replacement parts schedule an appointment and bring your pump.

We will watch you pump, talk about a return to work plan, test your suction and answer all return to work and pumping questions in a one on one setting.

The appointment will take approximately 45 minutes and will be with an IBCLC. Please bring all of your pump parts and flanges.

  • We will have you pump and check flange fit
  • Discuss pumping plans
  • Tips and trick for pumping
  • Increasing milk supply
  • Troubleshooting
  • Test pump suction and cycles
  • Answers all your questions and so much more!

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