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My Breastfeeding Lifestyle! A Breastfeeding 101 Class


Blue Cocoon

Product Description

Register for my breastfeeding lifestyle class and start preparing today to successfully feed your baby. Breastfeeding is a natural and wonderful way to feed your baby! It provides many benefits for both baby and mother, but it can be challenging to figure out those first days and weeks. It is very important that a new breastfeeding mother is prepared and feels cared for and supported. Come learn the basics for supporting your breastfeeding lifestyle and a long breastfeeding relationship! 

We are here to support your breastfeeding lifestyle!

This Breastfeeding Class includes expert instruction, discussion, PowerPoint presentation, instructor demonstration and hands-on practice.


  • Includes the birth mother and her support person

  • Attend class in the last trimester

  • One 2-2.5 hour class

  • Learn realistic expectations for the first weeks of breastfeeding

  • Learn what is "normal" for you and your baby
  • Learn how often and how long a newborn breastfeeds

  • Practice various breastfeeding holds

  • Learn about the pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • Learn about "Demand and Supply"

  • Discuss the benefits of "skin-to-skin"

  • Review benefits of "Rooming-In"

  • Learn what baby feeding cues to look for

  • Learn ways to support the new mom to ensure her own healing and success in breastfeeding the baby

  • Tips for dads to support a breastfeeding lifestyle
  • and so much more!

We are not your "normal" breastfeeding class, we are here to support "your" breastfeeding lifestyle and help you succeed! We step out side all the books and give you a look at what it's like breastfeeding a newborn. This class is similar to a hospital breastfeeding class. Hospitals are limited on what they can actually teach you, we teach you all of that plus lots more! Spouses/Partners are welcome and encouraged to come! Cost is $35 per couple. 


Do you have an HSA/FSA card? You can use it to pay for this class!! 


Support and knowledge are the keys to breastfeeding success!

Ashley Brown-Combs RN, IBCLC, CLC

Owner, Blue Cocoon

Must pre-register for class, thank you!  This class has a minimum enrollment for it to run. Please register as soon as you know you're coming. If the minimum is not met, the instructor will cancel the class.Please reach out to us at 513.791.1089 with any questions about this. Thanks! 

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