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Infant and Child CPR


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Product Description

This is the one class you should NOT PUT OFF! This CPR class is especially for parents, grandparents and caregivers of small children! Learn CPR as well as techniques to use if your baby or toddler is choking. This 60-minute +  class includes CPR, the use of a defibrillator, and even home safety tips.

This class is an American Heart Association Friends and Family class, focusing on infants and small children. It's designed for parents, not health professionals--so you can more easily remember what to do in an emergency situation.

Class is $40 per person or $60 per person if you'd like a CPR certification card. We do not profit from certification, the AHA fee for certification is $20. Thanks! 


***You now have the option of adding a Certification CARD when you take this class for an additional $20 fee. Certification is great for daycare, nanny, and any job that requires a CPR Card!***


Please refrain from bringing children to this class. Due to important content, even a small distraction could mean you (or another) missing something that may save a life. We love kids here but try to keep this class adults-only. Please call us with concerns about this policy. 513.791.1089

Usually, one parent registers one month, and the other takes the class the next month. Grandparents and other caregivers may attend with you. 

Private classes are a possibility if you'd like to attend with children, call for more information. 

Class typically lasts approximately one hour, depending on the number of people and the number or questions/discussions. We limit our class sizes to ensure a smaller class, classes usually sell out so please register ASAP.

The instructor will not leave until you are comfortable with what you've learned and confident with your ability. 

If you need to leave early (or at the one hour mark) please notify the instructor when you arrive. 

Additionally as a benefit, if you take this class you may return to a future class (within 3 months of the original class) free of charge if you have additional questions or want to practice. You will receive the instructor's contact information at class as well, so you may contact her with questions if they arise after class. 



Generally, we do not give refunds on classes. We keep our classes on the small side for a reason, spots in this class are limited.  If you register for class and are not able to come PLEASE CALL US BEFORE CLASS TO MAKE OTHER ARRANGEMENTS. 

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