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Hospital Grade Scale, Rental



Product Description

Infant Scale rental:
BabyWeigh™ II Scale Rental by Medela
Weekly      $25.00                    Monthly             $80.00

The BabyWeigh II Scale provides accurate measurement of baby’s weight just before and just after breastfeeding. The difference between these two weights equals breastmilk intake. Scale is accurate to 1-2 mls of milk.

This scale is perfect for new parents of preterm infants just discharged from the NICU or babies that are slow weight gainers. Many mothers are anxious that their infant may not be getting enough milk at the breast and are more likely to supplement with a bottle. Research has shown that if mothers are able to weigh their infant each day or with feeding they gain the confidence to continue to breastfeed without supplementation.

If you find your little one is not transferring enough milk or gaining weight slowly please consider seeing an IBCLC for breastfeeding support.

Average weight gain for newborns is 1/2-1 ounce daily.

All rental equipment has a $50 security deposit which is refunded upon return. We require a valid credit card number to be on file for all rentals

Equipment rental must be completed in the store, at this time we do not ship scales or breastpumps. Please call us at 513.791.1089 to discuss rentals. 

If you are currently renting from us, we can change the rental moving forward only. That means that if you rent for one week and want to renew, you can renew for one week, one month, or one year. But, if your contract renews we cannot change it if you did not call us in time.  If your contract was for one month and you wanted it for one more week we cannon "back-bill" rentals. It is your responsibility to communicate with us regarding your rental. 

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